Class Pricing

  • Pistol Orientation 3.5 hour Introductory Course $100.00 This course is broken into two separate classes. Part 1 is classroom and High Definition Shooting Simulator we cover the fundamentals of starting with how to safely pickup, load and unload both Revolver and Semi-auto pistols and take you through firing your first shots with a handgun – classroom time includes instructor led simulator based shooing)
    • Shooting Orientation (part 2) is 1.5 hours of Live fire at the local public shooting range, we supply guns and ammo (or you can bring our own) Part 2 is normally held the following Sunday afternoon at the Carson City Public Shooting Range.
  • NRA Home Firearms Safety Course $100.00 Per Person.
  • NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Course $70.00 Per Person. (bring a friend and save $10 each)
  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course (6 hour course) $150.00 (phase II)
  • NRA Personal Protection In the Home (9 Hour) $225.00
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Advanced Version) Class is 9 hours of classroom, 6 hours Range time at least 220 rounds of ammo $300.00
  • NRA Defensive Pistol Course (tailored to meet the students needs) 2 hour class $120.00
  • NRA 1st Steps Shotgun Course (approx 6 hours) $175.00
  • NRA Basic Shotgun Course (approx 9 hours) $225.00
  • NRA 1st Rifle Course (approx 6 hours) $175.00
  • NRA Basic Rifle Course (approx 9 hours) $225.00
  • NRA Range Safety Officer Course $150.00 9 Hours classroom training.
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Course $310.00 14 total Hours classroom training. (This is an instructor rating and includes the BIT Course.) Already have your BIT, course is only $225.00
  • Nevada CCW Permit Course 7.5 hours classroom Includes Simulator Shoot / No Shoot decision making scenarios, 1.5 hours range time, these times are minimums, pending on shooters experience class may go over 9 hours never less – $120.00
  • Renewal Nevada CCW Permit Course (2.5 hours classroom, 1.5 hours range time, these times are minimums, pending on shooters experience class may go over 4 hours never less) $60.00
  • California CCW (select counties)  $140-$250
  • HR218 Retired Law Enforcement Renewals $40.00 / $20 – if you meet us at the range when we’re already there.
  • Defensive Handgun Low Light Shooting $120.00
  • Simulator Based Instructor Lead Reactive Training  $100 per hr
  • Advanced CCW Tactical Shooting Course (4 hours range time) must be ccw permit holder or pre-qualified to attend this course of fire. email us if you have questions $165.00
  • Nevada CCW Instructor Course  $1,600
  • Private Lessons 1.5 hour minimum email us if you have questions $60.00 per hour
  • Handgun Cleaning $40.00
  • Rifle Cleaning $40.00
  • PILB Initial Course $260.00 (group classes available at discounted rates)
  • PILB Semi-Annual Qualification $50.00 (we cover $5.00 fee to PILB)

Sales and Services


Armorers services:

$75.00 per hour (30 minute minimum)


Guns - 20% of agreed upon sales price
Accessories - 30% of agreed upon sales price.


$30 + applicable tax; $10 each additional firearm during same transaction

Background Check:

$25.00 (NICS) - straight pass through of State Fee.