NRA Instructor Training Program Pre-Course Questionnaire
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Thank you for your interest in the NRA Instructor Training Program. The goal of this program is to develop instructors to teach NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses according to the lesson plans and training standards of the National Rifle Association. This program is not designed to prepare you to teach other firearm training courses (such as law enforcement, security, or hunter safety courses), nor to prepare you to develop firearm training courses of your own.
The NRA Instructor Training Course is designed to teach you how to teach others to shoot using NRA lesson plans and training methods. The course is not designed to improve your shooting skills. Possession of basic firearm safety and/or shooting skills is a prerequisite for certification as an NRA instructor. You may be asked to demonstrate your firearm background through participation in pre-course assessment exercises
A complete NRA Instructor Training Course consists of two parts. The first is basic instructor training, which consists of 6 hours of instruction. The second part is discipline-specific instructor training, which consists of an additional 5 to 14 hours of instruction per discipline. For example, an NRA Instructor Training Course in rifle, pistol, and shotgun lasts at least 40 hours.
The NRA Training Counselor who conducts your course will make a recommendation to NRA concerning your certification based on an evaluation of your knowledge, skills, and attitude. You will be asked to demonstrate your organizational and teaching skills through participation in several practical exercises during the course of your training. You will also be asked to complete an instructor certification examination. A minimum score of 90 percent is required for certified instructor applicants (85 percent for assistant and apprentice instructor applicants). However, attendance at the course, or a passing grade on the examination, does not guarantee that you will receive the recommendation of the NRA Training Counselor. If you do not get the required recommendation you will not get a refund of any monies paid.
Initial Certified Instructor credentials are valid for two years. After completion of the second year, instructors will need to have reported training at and complete an online NRA Trainer Refresher course to re-certify. Re-certification will be required every other year.
Certified Instructors must have a valid email address and be registered at They must remain current on NRA Policies and Procedures by thoroughly reviewing the NRA Training Department Update email Blasts, and visiting the NRA Blog at:
I have read the description of the NRA Instructor Training Program on the website, I understand its goals, and am interested in attending a course to prepare me to become an NRA Certified Instructor.
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