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New to the shooting sports?

Experienced, but tired of the same old drills?

Curious about competitive shooting, but intimidated by the High Speed, Low Drag Tacti-cool shooters?

Then TeamTenX is for you!

Carson Guns and Training is proud to present TeamTenX, a monthly training event held at the Carson City Shooting Range (Bays 3&4). TeamTenX participants will be trained in defensive marksmanship through the use of scenarios based on real-life events.

These scenarios will give you hands-on practice of the following skills:

Drawing firearm from a holster

Engaging target, moving to cover and re-engaging target

Reloading firearm

Shooting multiple targets of various sizes and distances

To participate you will need:

A Quality firearm, a Quality firing-side hip holster, a minimum of 3 magazines or speedloaders, eye and ear protection and 100 rounds of Quality ammunition

3rd Saturday of the month

Safety briefing starts at 8:00am sharp Gate will close at 7:50am don’t be late.

Cost $20.00 per person